How to Dress Stylish On a Budget

Hello! Today I’ll be covering how I dress, style, and shop on a budget. Unfortunately, I am at the age where my parents no longer buy my clothing. (sad) Although, I have found ways and tricks on how to look the part without my bank account draining. So, I will be listing my top 5 tips on saving money on styles, and 3 outfits I’ve put together that are under $30!

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10 Back to School Outfits + Dress Code Friendly

Hello! Now that July is almost over, it’s almost time for back to school. I’ve been watching some YouTube videos of back to school looks, but most include crop tops, short dresses, and shorts. Most public schools and co-ops have dress codes so you would get dress coded for wearing anything like that. So I’ve put together 10 dress code friendly outfits for the upcoming school year.

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